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At we mourn with the families of the deceased in the greater law enforcement community and urge that peace and common sense will prevail.  I also urge the media to stop throwing gasoline on this fire.

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Concealed Carry

The subject of concealed carry is a very complex and dynamic issue.
If you're a concealed carry permit holder, you need to join the USCCA
You just don't know what you're missing!

This Page Last Updated 03/16/2015


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Full Disclosure Notice
(In compliance with U.S. Federal Trade Commission Guidelines)

Membership Recruiters for the United States Concealed Carry Association are not official employees of the USCCA.  As a USCCA Recruiter and Owner and Webmaster of, I invite you to learn more about becoming a member of the USCCA and to join the United States Concealed Carry Association, by clicking any of the USCCA buttons/banners on this website. As a USCCA Membership Recruiter and to be in full compliance with United States Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, I receive a small amount of monetary compensation from the United States Concealed Carry Association for members who join the USCCA through this Web site.

Today, ALL fifty (50) States in the United States of America permit law abiding citizens to carry loaded handguns on their person in a public place in one form or another.

The District of Columbia also does not allow any forms of concealed carry.  We cannot forget one of the murder capitols of the world can we?

In ten (10) of these fifty states, they have what is typically called a May-Issue permit system, where the issuing authority has the discretionary power to deny a law abiding person a permit to carry in public.

A few of these nine May-Issue states have virtually become 'No-Issue' because they have decided to take their discretionary powers authorized by their legislatures way too far.  These states where a policy of discretionary issue of concealed carry permits is in place are violating the United States Constitution with specific respect to the Second Amendment's protection of the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights and they must halt their practices immediately to come within compliance of the U.S. Constitution.

Forty (40) of the fifty states have a Shall-Issue permit system whereby the applicant will be approved for a concealed carry permit as long as they have a clean narcotics, mental history and criminal record.  In these Shall-Issue states, the issuing authority may not arbitrarily deny an application for concealed carry.

There are many resources that one can use on the Internet today to learn more about concealed carry.  By far, the best of which I believe is the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).  The USCCA has a virtual treasure trove of information on this very important and sometimes controversial issue.  The USCCA bills itself as The Ultimate Resource for the Armed Citizen and it does not disappoint at all.

Initially one may find themselves looking over the United States Concealed Carry Association's Web site, the benefits of membership and weigh the cost of the membership and decide that it's not for them.  That would be a HUGE mistake.  Once you become a member of the USCCA, you'll have access to seasoned professionals in the firearms and self defense training industry.  You'll also have online access to all the past issues of Concealed Carry magazine.

At the United States Concealed Carry Association there are more than one hundred articles on just about every subject you can imagine concerning concealed carry.  Articles on holster selection, dry firing practice the right way, how to effectively deal with fear when facing an assault and much, much more.  If you carry a concealed firearm in public and you're not a member of this organization, you're making a HUGE mistake.

There are articles on what to do and how to deal with the aftermath of a violent encounter in which you are forced to use a firearm to repel an attacker.  The discussion forum at the USCCA is a virtual treasure chest of informative posts by thousands of men and women who carry concealed firearms on a daily basis.

The print magazine of the USCCA, Concealed Carry Magazine, is jam-packed full of articles and information specifically for the armed citizen.  The magazine isn't about hunting game, it isn't about tactics for law enforcement, and it isn't just a showcase for the latest gadgets that are available. Concealed Carry Magazine is solely for citizens of these United States who are permitted to carry a gun concealed, enabling them to be better trained, better informed, and better prepared.

New members have such a huge volume of resources available to them that they often act like a starving person standing in front of the biggest and best buffet ever to be seen--they don't know what to try first!  I'd suggest starting out with an article or two at the website then maybe reading some forum posts.  Follow up by introducing yourself with a post to the online forums, and maybe download a couple of back issues of Concealed Carry Magazine to read until your first printed issue arrives by mail.

It won't be too long and you will find yourself armed with the information and answers to help others who wish to become a responsibly-armed citizen.  Join today.  You won't be sorry that you did.

You can become a full member of the United States Concealed Carry Association for under a dollar a week.  Less than one dollar a week to have access to just about anything you need to know and learn about the subject of concealed carry is a phenomenal deal.  I urge you to go ahead and join now and I'll meet you in the discussion forums.

There are a handful of other Web sites online that I've found helpful and informative on this subject, is one of them. is another one that specializes in more of the legal side of the issue, their FAQ section is particularly interesting.  The Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) has an interesting and informative page on the issue as well.  Even Wikipedia has an interesting page on concealed carry in the United States.

Nehemiah 4:18 (NIV) "and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked..."


The Three Stupid Rule

The 'Three Stupid Rule' is a principle that can keep you from a LOT of aggravation, despair and expense.  Obeying the Three Stupid Rule is very, very simple and can actually save your life.  Are you ready for this life-changing principle?

  • Don't go to STUPID places.

  • Don't go out with STUPID people.

  • Don't do STUPID things.

Don't go to places where violent encounters are more likely to occur.  Don't go out on the town with pathetically ignorant people who have no self control or moral foundation.  Finally don't do stupid things, especially while carrying a concealed firearm.  The Three Stupid Rule can save your life, save your sanity and save your money.


The Best Gunfight...

Make absolutely no mistake about this fact.  The best gunfight, is one that you are not involved in.  It is by far a much better thing to completely avoid a potentially deadly confrontation with anyone at any time.  If you can get away with giving a couple of thugs a $10.00 bill to go buy themselves a quality six pack of beer, it is much better than having a potentially fatal situation.

Some people who clearly don't know what they're talking about, may label that attitude with some degree of cowardice, but nothing could be further from the truth.  To completely avoid a couple of thugs who look like they're looking for trouble is always the best route.  Even though you may have your Sig Sauer P226 Elite pistol, in .40 S&W, with thirty six rounds of ammunition at your immediate disposal and you can draw and accurately fire a couple of fatal rounds within two seconds under stress, it is a much better thing to avoid having to fire it in self defense in the first place, if at all possible.

Firing in self defense, seriously wounding or even killing your felonious opponent, could lead to $10,000 to $20,000 in court costs, lawyer fees, personal injury suits, lost wages, sleepless nights, psychological counseling and more.  Now how much sense does it make to try your best to avoid a confrontation in which you're forced to throw lead at your assailant?  Find out about protecting yourself financially with a USCCA membership, that can help you with court costs and lawyer fees.

Any situation such as this is best avoided through alertness and awareness of your surroundings.  If you're completely alert of everything that is going on around you, the thug who is searching for someone to accost, will notice that you're on high alert and they will likely do their best to avoid you.  They are looking for someone who probably is carrying something of immediate value, i.e. cash, jewelry, etc and not paying attention.

The felonious thug is looking for an easy mark, who they can totally catch off-guard.  If you're carrying a concealed firearm in a public place and a thug who is up to no good, catches you completely off guard, you're not doing your job.  Once again, the best gunfight is one you avoid.  There is no winner in such a confrontation.  Both sides lose in a shooting battle such as this.  It's just that one person is likely to lose more than the other.  Just refuse to be on the side that loses the most.

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Things To Consider Before Applying For Your Permit

The first step to carrying a concealed firearm in public is to VERY carefully consider if you're the type of person who should be carrying in the first place.  Carrying a concealed firearm in a public place is a HEAVY responsibility that isn't for everyone.  When carefully considering whether or not you're the kind of person who should carry a concealed handgun in a public place, there are many things to give deliberative thought to.  Here are some questions you should probably ask yourself before you put a pen to that concealed carry permit application.

  • Am I the kind of person who has a quick temper?  Might I be inclined at any time to draw a concealed firearm out of intense anger, rather than to solely utilize that firearm to protect life or limb?  Am I always in control of my anger?

  • Am I the type of person who would be able to fire a gun directly at another human being in order to bring a halt to a violent encounter that was intended to harm me in some grievous way, harm a member of my family or to steal from me what is mine?  Could I actually take tactical and definitive steps with a loaded firearm to prevent someone from taking my life?  This is likely the most important question to ask yourself.  It's important that you be honest with yourself first before you get out that pen to make out the application.

  • Would I be able to stand my ground, employ learned tactical responses and succeed in defending myself appropriately and lawfully and be able to deal with the aftermath or will I crumble to the ground and promptly morph into a sobbing puddle of humanity and likely allow my firearm to be taken from me as a result?

  • Would I have the best interest of everyone around me at all times when armed?  Is the safety and security of everyone in my vicinity my utmost concern?  Will my fire if necessary be very carefully placed and directly so as to not endanger anyone, even more than a mile away in the unseen distance?

  • Would I be able to maintain a very high level of awareness at all times when going armed?  Do I even know what the levels of awareness are?  How would I be able to deal with the intense and extreme fear of being in a life or death encounter?  Do I know how I can turn fear into an ally?

  • Would I take the opportunity to learn as much as I can about the laws that govern self defense in the community in which I live, work and travel?  Being able to defend yourself successfully not only depends upon avoidance, tactics, movement, bullet placement and things like that.  A big part of successfully defending yourself with a firearm is not ending up in prison because you didn't fully understand the law.

  • Lastly, would I take the time to learn as much as I possibly can about this topic, use proper dry-fire practice, live-fire practice and take as many self defense courses as I have the time and money for?  Will I join the United States Concealed Carry Association?

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Concealed Firearm Permit Courses

Carrying a concealed firearm in a public place requires a lot of your time, consideration, preparation and training.  In many States in the United States, the requirements mandated by the State are a clean criminal and mental history record and no alcohol or narcotics abuse.  They almost always require a fairly comprehensive firearm safety course as well.

The mandated firearm safety course varies tremendously from one state to another and sometimes can even vary from one county to another or in some cases even neighboring towns may have different requirements.  Some of the mandated firearm safety classes that you need to get a concealed carry permit are VERY good.  Some of them involve lawyers fully versed in self defense law, others require that the course be taught by a law enforcement officer or at minimum have a law enforcement officer present.

Some of the better courses go over self defense law in detail and tell you exactly what you can and cannot do if you are attacked, while armed.  Some courses detail what happens to your body in a life or death violent encounter and what you can expect from your own body in this environment.  Some others are fully informative and involve live-fire shooting at an indoor or outdoor range at a local gun club.

However, the concealed carry permit applicant should be aware that there are some states who only require basic firearm safety and marksmanship and require almost nothing else in order to obtain a permit to carry.  These states that require minimum training like this, leave the applicant with the personal responsibility to seek real training and information on their own.  That is part of the reason why joining the USCCA is so important!

I like to think of the required training for a concealed carry permit as if it were a meal.  Some states that require just basic firearm handling, safety and marksmanship are like getting yourself a couple of bowls of cereal to eat.  Sure, it will do for a little while, but it's not really what you want and it's not really what you need and you know it.

Some other states or counties will go over basic safety, handling and marksmanship, but will delve deeper into the subject as well.  They'll have live fire practice on a range with an instructor or police officer and they'll go over the laws involving self defense in the state and have you practice cleaning the firearms afterward.  This is kind of like going out for fast food.

This is like heading out to McDonald's, Burger King or Subway.  Sure, you get all of your food groups and you get enough to eat and you feel full, but you know there's a better experience out there waiting for you and you know that there's more to learn that you're not being told.

There are better courses, better training and more information out there and you know it.  Most of the time, the State-mandated courses that are required for you to pass before you get your permit are informative and you come away from the experience feeling fed and ready to go.  But don't be fooled, there is so much more out there.

The vast majority of state-mandated training for concealed carry is like fast food or Chinese take out.  It's good enough to get by, but there's so much better meals out there.

The ultimate 'meals' involve attending real firearm training institutes like Frontsight, Gunsite, Lethal Force Institute, Sigarms Academy, Thunder Ranch, Smith & Wesson Academy and more.  These are the ultimate seven course meal from hors d'oeuvres and soup through a wonderful meal, topped off with a delicious dessert and a fine coffee, cognac and an exquisite cigar.

But you don't have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get good solid information.  A lot of the information you can find in the top firearm training institutes are also available at the United States Concealed Carry Association.  At the USCCA, you won't get hands-on training from the top instructors in the world as you would at Frontsight, LFI or Thunder Ranch, but a good portion of the stuff that you would be taught in these places is available by becoming a USCCA member.  In fact, many of the people who write articles for the USCCA are the actual instructors at these top notch training facilities like Sigarms Academy and more.

Sign up for the free weekly Concealed Carry Report from the United States Concealed Carry Association!


Things You Should Learn About

Basic firearm handling, basic gun safety rules and a general knowledge of self defense law are not enough.  By now, you can probably tell that I highly encourage you to go further if you have chosen to carry a concealed firearm in a public place.  You need to go further than the mandated course you took in order to get that laminated piece of paper in your wallet.

The state-mandated course you took more than likely simply touched on each subject and gave you a bite to eat on each one.  I'm pretty sure that the class instructor told you that practicing on your own and keeping your learned skills sharp is important.  He/ she was correct, practice is important, but the right practice is essential.

Here are some of the subjects that you should take the time to learn more about:

  • Firearm selection

  • Holster selection

  • Carry position

  • The levels of awareness and what each one means

  • Your federal, state and local laws that govern firearm carry as well as all pertinent self-defense law.

  • Type and style of clothing for better concealment and a quick effortless draw

  • Conflict avoidance

  • Resolving disputes before they turn into a life or death battle.

  • Recognizing when you've been chosen as a victim, well before the actual encounter

  • How to let the violent criminal know that you're too big a risk to attack...

  • Moving 'off the X' which means during an encounter, you should fire and move

  • Know the difference between cover and concealment

  • Should you train to shoot with your support hand and why?

  • Have you thought about what the difference is between shoot and don't shoot scenarios?

  • How important is your mindset if you're in a gunfight and you've been shot?

  • What can you expect to experience from your own body in a life or death struggle?

  • Have you considered how best to deal with fear and how you can turn fear to your advantage?

  • Should you actually be using the sights on the gun during a violent encounter and to what extent?

  • Do you know how your body will react to the sudden, overwhelming and dynamic stress of mortal combat?

  • You need a realistic understanding of how criminals attack and other aspects of criminal behavior; have you even thought about it?

  • Did you know that the best place to learn these things outside of professional training is by becoming a member of the United State Concealed Carry Association?

As you can clearly tell, there are a lot of things to learn.  If your state-mandated safety course didn't tell you half of these things, you're probably feeling a bit cheated.  On a personal note, the state-mandated 'course' that I took back in the mid to late-1980's that was required by my state at the time was simply pitiful.

When I first applied for my concealed carry permit, they checked my criminal record and had me shoot with a police officer in the basement of the police station.  I was handed an empty revolver with the cylinder already open.  I was asked to load it and fire it at the target that the officer had just set up downrange.

I ended up out-shooting the law enforcement officer who was supposedly teaching me.  He signed off on the bottom of my application and after only about ten to fifteen minutes, I was already out of the police station and on my way back home to await my permit in the mail.  I can remember thinking to myself, 'boy that was easy, there's got to be more to it than that'.

Normally the state-mandated courses have come a long way since then and they are much more complete and informative.  But there are still a handful of states that are a bit behind the times and leave the concealed carry permit holder largely in the dark on this important issue.

My opinion is that if you're not going to take a real firearm institute course like those offered from places like Frontsight, Lethal Force Institute, Sigarms Academy, Gunsite, Smith & Wesson Academy or Thunder Ranch, you should read as much as you can on the subject from many different authors and become a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association.

You owe it to both yourself and your family to learn as much as you can about the subject.  You also owe it to the general public as well.  Concealed carry in public is a deterrent to violent crime.  Wherever states have implemented Shall-Issue concealed carry, violent crime has taken a tumble and rates of violent crime have fallen.

Violent felons are largely stupid and not formally trained.  But they don't want to get shot.  They learn a lot from each other on how to perpetrate a violent crime and get away with it without getting hurt.  They seek out people who aren't paying attention, perhaps look a bit affluent and may have some cash on them and they seek out people who don't particularly look like they'll put up a fight.

Concealed carry laws are generally a very good idea.  But the concealed carry permit holder has a solemn responsibility to seek out as much training and information as possible on this subject.  Emerging victorious after being violently and viciously attacked by a depraved thug takes more than luck and knowing how to safely handle a firearm.

I will continue to work on this page as time goes by.  I have been carrying a concealed firearm in public for about half my life.  I can tell you that after twenty one years of this, I still don't have a grasp on everything.  There is so much to learn and know about this subject that it's a life-long learning process.  I wish you luck, but then again, how much does luck really play a role in staying safe?  My bookcase is full of books on the subject of concealed carry and self defense and there's still so much more...

Concealed Carry Permit Holders, Who Are We?

I have carried a concealed handgun since I was twenty one years old and that was twenty four years ago. For more than half of my lifetime I have carried a loaded and concealed handgun in public. Concealed handgun permit holders are a varied bunch, but we have a lot in common. We come from every walk of life.

We are represented in every income level, from the very poor to the very affluent. We are young and we are elderly. We are frail and we are bodybuilders. We are both women and men. We are your friends, co-workers, dads, uncles, brothers and grandmothers and sisters. We are Mayflower descendents and descendents of slaves, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian and every other represented nationality. We are retired military, we are handicapped and we are nationally recognized celebrities. 

But who are we really and what are we thinking? Where are we and what are our philosophies? 

I am the guy sitting in the corner of the doctor's office with the baseball cap on, who looks at everyone who enters and exits, while I sit and quietly read my book.

I am the guy who you just passed in the baking aisle at the grocery store who just picked up a five pound bag of sugar and put it in my carriage. I am the man at the lumber counter at Lowe's or Home Depot buying 2X4s and I am the woman in a jogging suit getting a coffee coolatta at Dunkin' Donuts wearing a pink fanny pack.

I am your auto mechanic, your dentist, your lawyer, the owner of your favorite restaurant and I'm the retired woman at the pharmacy picking up a prescription. I am the woman you just passed who was filling up my mini van at the gas station.

I am everywhere, but I am nowhere at the same time and the vast majority of you don't even take notice of me. I'm your average Joe. I am the guy who is exiting the shopping mall and it seems like I'm searching for my car, when I'm actually looking for any suspicious looking thugs who might be hanging around. You might think I have misplaced my vehicle at first glance, but I am aware of everything around me. If you even notice my presence, you might think I seem paranoid, but I take notice of everything in my environment.

I am a lifelong firearm enthusiast who was taught basic firearm safety even before first grade. Not only have I taken gun safety and marksmanship courses, I have taught many new shooters how to shoot accurately and safely. I actively seek out all of the pertinent information I can on the subject. I could load and unload a semi-automatic handgun safely and correctly before I could do long division out on paper in elementary school.

Sometimes I'm a veteran of the United States Military who has killed other men in the heat of combat or in self defense. Sometimes I'm an off-duty law enforcement officer, sometimes a firefighter or EMT. Most often I'm an active member of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership or another pro-gun group.

I am often a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association and have multiple issues of Concealed Carry Magazine on my coffee table because I can't bring myself to put them away.

I have had my criminal record checked dozens of times, which remains clean as a whistle and will continue to be such, because I ALWAYS obey the law. I have the safety and well-being of everyone around me as a top priority at all times. I am also a woman, much more often than you might think.

I would rather carry a loaded handgun on my person every day of my life and never even have to think about it, than to desperately need it once to protect someone from a violent crime and not have one with me when I need it.

I am unafraid and courageous at all times. I am not paranoid, contrary to the thinking of those who oppose my ways. My constant and persistent alertness and visual scanning of everyone around me has become part of my physical make-up and should never be confused with paranoia or fear.

I am the guy that your punk nephew just pushed by on the escalator and gave a taunting look to, but you need not worry about his anti-social tendencies, I am completely self-controlled. I have learned to control my emotions and my anger at all times. I am much more likely to put up with verbal abuse from an idiot punk when armed, than on the occasion that I go unarmed.

I am the woman who is buying perfume at the department store counter and I am the young woman buying diapers at Wal-Mart for my baby. I am the elderly woman who is looking through the clearance rack of clothing at Kohl's and I am the middle aged balding man who is entering the men's room at Target as you're standing there at the sink washing your hands. But you need not be worried, for I am friendly, honest and upright.

You are barely aware of me as you pass by me, let alone do you think that I may be armed. But I notice everything about you. Your height, approximate weight, your face, what kind of clothing you're wearing, your shoes and your demeanor all come to my attention. But you need not fear me or concern yourself. I am very likely one of the nicest people you have ever met.

I am proficient with my firearm. I practice with it often. I am concerned with utilizing proper tactics, movement and firearm safety at all times. I have sought out competent training in basic self defense and sometimes I'm even familiar with martial arts. I read a lot of books on the subject of guns, concealed carry and armed self defense written by international experts and I am quite knowledgeable on the subject myself.

When you're grocery shopping in Condition White and solely concerned with deciding what cut of steak you will make for dinner tonight, I'm totally aware of my surroundings. I see you, even though you don't notice me at all. I know what time it is, and where I am at all times. I'm aware of everyone in front of me, beside me and to my rear as well. I am alert, watchful and wary all the time and I stay in Condition Yellow always.

I'm aware of self defense law in my home state and I know what is within the law and when I can and cannot defend myself and others with deadly force. I have rehearsed in my mind a myriad of scenarios where I might have to utilize the gun I'm carrying and in my mind's eye, I have ALWAYS come out on top. I have rehearsed shoot/don't shoot scenarios in my mind and always make the right choice. Both my fear and my anger are always under my direct and conscious control.

I know what fear is and how it can adversely affect my ability to defend myself with deadly force if that ever becomes necessary. I know how to defeat and overcome the fear of personal injury or even death. I am mentally and physically prepared to take the life of another human being to protect my life or the life of a loved one. I would prefer to perish in battle than to helplessly witness the rape, robbery or murder of a loved one while unarmed.

I'm fully aware of violent crime and firearm statistics. I know that one in every thirty four (1 in 34) Americans is a convicted felon. I know that one in every eleven (1 in 11) women have a concealed carry permit and could be armed at any time. I know that the first gun was invented around the year 1280 and that about 25% of all American adults own one.

I do not carry a concealed firearm because I have inner feelings of inadequacy. I know that when facing three armed and violent thugs who are drunk or high on narcotics, I know that I am inadequate without a firearm and intensive training, tactics and knowledge. I am neither inadequate nor paranoid. I am prepared, educated, trained and rehearsed.

You have nothing to fear from me, unless you are addicted to street narcotics and you haplessly and foolishly choose me or a member of my family to fund your next high, trip or drug deal. I know that in Dodge City, Kansas in 1876, there were only nine (9) murders, no rapes and no robberies and the 'Wild West' is largely only a myth created by Hollywood. Today, we are in much more danger from random violent attack than back then.

I can usually pick out other people who lawfully carry concealed firearms in a crowd. Our eyes meet and there we both see awareness, alertness and preparedness and in a silent nod, we know that everyone in the vicinity is completely safe from violent attack.

Law enforcement officers have absolutely nothing to fear from us and they know it full well. Most police officers and deputy sheriffs know that they can trust concealed carry permit holders much more than the average man or woman. I am trustworthy, law abiding, honest and reliable. They know that if they are struggling with a violent felon on the roadside and one of us happens to drive by, that they can expect immediate help from us.

If we see a 'No Guns Allowed' poster in the front window of your store, restaurant, office or retail establishment, rest assured that we are really insulted, but will likely remain silent about it. We will respect your wishes and take our business to your competitor who trusts us. Your insinuation that we cannot control ourselves while going about armed is offensive to us. We will make sure to tell our family and friends not to patronize your establishment as well. If you don't trust me with carrying a concealed firearm in your business, the feeling is mutual, I don't trust you either.

I know what the Bill of Rights is and its intent, I know what the Second Amendment says and I know what the Founding Fathers meant when writing it. I know that the first step to tyranny and dictatorship lies in nationwide firearm registration and I will tirelessly resist such efforts. Almost nothing is more important to me than my family, friends and the freedom and liberty and personal responsibility which I cherish each day.

I'm fully aware how much it would alarm and upset you if you were to see my Sig Sauer P226 Elite, Glock 23 or Springfield Armory XD-M tucked inside my holster, without a badge and a uniform to go with it, so I'm always very careful to carry discreetly. The last thing I want to do is frighten you.

I watch you as you leave the pediatrician's office with your young children in tow and I discreetly look through the front window to make sure you get into your vehicle safely and drive away. Then I go back to reading my book or magazine.

I do not carry a gun because I am looking for trouble. Just the opposite is the truth. I try to avoid trouble. I do not frequent areas where thugs are likely to be hanging around. If I see a thug and he sees me, he will quickly realize by my confident demeanor, my walk and my alertness level that I could be a hazard to him and he leaves me and my family alone. He is looking for easier, more vulnerable prey like a lion on the plains of Africa searches for the weaker, less able and distracted animal to take full advantage of.

I know that law enforcement officers are usually great people and very valuable to our society, but I'm also aware that they cannot be everywhere and protect everyone. I'm also aware that they have no legal duty to protect anyone and that their job is to deter crime, gather the evidence after a crime has been committed and aid in the prosecution of a criminal after the fact.

I know that the commandment in Exodus 20:13 means 'You shall not murder.' It does not prohibit armed self defense. In fact, the Bible regularly promotes everyone's responsibility to defend themselves. I am often very religious, but not always so. But I am always worthy of your trust and confidence.

I do not carry a gun because I lack any amount of masculinity or bravado. I'm very aware of the fact that monsters don't always stay in fairy tales. I carry a gun because I am a rare sheepdog among many sheep. I also know that wolves really do exist and that they often look like the sheep upon whom they prey. If I am able, I will allow the wolf to escape to have another chance to turn his life around. If he refuses to scamper away, he will quite likely suffer the consequences of a long and sordid list of bad life choices.

I know that the safest response to an attack by a human predator is to confront him with armed and determined resistance. I also know that full compliance and unarmed resistance are statistically less safe, quite contrary to the usual advice that comes from the less informed talking heads on television.

I do not carry a concealed firearm because I am a bad guy or have evil intent. I carry because I know there are evil people who should be in prison, but instead are free and walking amongst us. In fact, a convicted violent rapist recently released early from his prison sentence, just walked by you yesterday and you didn't even notice his vacant and emotionless stare, but I did.

I do not carry a concealed firearm in public because I'm secretly wishing to shoot someone. I carry a concealed firearm in public because I want to die of old age in my bed, many years from now and not decades earlier in a robbery at a convenience store because I was unable to properly defend myself.

I am your neighbor, your friend, your constituent, your sister, your co-worker, your client, your patient and your uncle. Once again, I am everywhere and yet, I am nowhere at the same time. I blend in with the general public and you don't know I'm there. The good guys and gals need not concern themselves with me. Violent habitual felons, drug addicts, rapists, child molesters and those willing or inclined to commit crimes in my presence should be very, very concerned.

I carry a gun in public, because I am a rather rugged individualist. I refuse to be a kept man who willingly allows the thumb of big government to keep me as a penned-in sheep. It is my right to be such an uncommon man. I will not be abased, dulled or made spiritless and allow a Statist authority to look after me. I will not allow myself to cower before anyone who pronounces themselves master of my domain.

I have had family in America since the first Pilgrims stepped off onto dry land in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. All these years, the torch of liberty and the flame of human freedom continues to burn. It is now my watch to see that the flame is never extinguished. Make no mistake however, that this flame is not burning as brightly as it once was.

We have lost sight of the true liberty and freedom enjoyed by past generations and I will stand tall and proud and prevent this flame from being extinguished as long as I draw breath. This is why I carry concealed firearms in public and continue to support and defend the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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