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My E-Books

Thank you for your interest in my e-books!

This page last updated 12/05/2012

Welcome to my e-book page!  I've written an e-book on the subject of how to go about choosing the right handgun for you and there are more informative e-books on the way.  Many hundreds of thousands of people have made a handgun purchase, only to discover that they've made a bad decision.  This comprehensive e-book that I've written will help you avoid making bad handgun purchase decisions.

How To Choose A Handgun E-Course

  • 48 pages in length.

  • 16,350 words.

  • 93,995 characters (with spaces)

  • Cost-  All my e-books are free of charge.

How to Choose a Handgun (.doc)

How to Choose a Handgun (.pdf)

A Gun Safety Course for Kids

  • 43 pages in length.

  • 19,208 words.

  • 105,525 characters (with spaces)

  • Cost-  All of my e-books are free of charge.

A Gun Safety Course for Kids (.doc)

A Gun Safety Course for Kids (.pdf)


Why should I download your e-books?

I've always had a desire to help people out, especially when it comes to gun safety and firearm education.  I've had more than 900,000 visitors and more than six million total hits on this Web site.  I have a soft spot in my heart for teaching children about gun safety.

Forwarding this Web site onto others is one way that you can help me stay online, while I save the lives of America's children through real gun safety information.  Keeping children safe, teaching new gun owners the truth about firearm safety and education and getting people involved in the National Rifle Association is not just a job, it's a passion.

I began teaching gun safety way back in the early nineties.  A co-worker of mine asked me to speak to his son's Cub Scout group about gun safety.  Being an active gun owner and NRA Member, knowing enough about gun safety to teach a few ten year olds about it, I quickly agreed.

I had imagined that I would be spending an hour teaching a dozen ten year old boys about gun safety.  Boy was I mistaken!  Word had quickly gotten around that "somebody from the NRA would be coming" to teach gun safety.

Needless to say, I was a bit surprised to see seventy five (75) children and adults there.  They had me up on a stage for over two and half hours!  I was introduced to public speaking the hard way, without much focused preparation.

Well, as it turned out, I think I did a pretty good job.  I had my father-in-law there with me, who was in the National Guard and my brother who was a Plymouth County Deputy Sheriff at the time.  I had a plan and I stuck to it and everything turned out okay.

However, after I left the meeting, I thought of many things that I could have said and indeed should have said.  I thought to myself that I did okay, but I really could have done better and should have been more prepared.

That's when I decided to become an NRA Certified Basic Firearm Education Instructor.  I taught courses on an irregular basis here and there for about fifteen years.  Then I decided to get myself a Web site where I could reach many more kids and adults than I could by teaching in-person basic firearm education courses.

In the late 1990's I started a Web site on my personal Web space with my Internet Service Provider and called it Marc's Gun Safety and Education Web site.  It got pretty high rankings in search engines and I enjoyed it tremendously, getting thousands of visitors from all over the world.

I thought of going big-time and getting my very own domain.  In January of 2000, I started where you are right now.

My goal was to have the most comprehensive gun safety and firearm education Web site around.  Some people think I'm already there, but I'm never satisfied that that is the case.  But after more than 900,000 visitors, I guess I'm doing okay all by myself.

Enough about me and my Web site already, let me tell you about the e-book:

It's an e-book that I wrote to help people choose their first handgun without making too many errors.  I've seen it time and time again, men and women buying their first handgun and making a bad choice that they end up terribly regretting.

If you make a bad decision on buying a handgun, it's not that easy and simple to remedy it.  It's not like you can just bring it back to the service desk at Wal-Mart and walk back out again with a comparable model in a few minutes.  With a handgun, things are different.  There's paperwork, background checks, permits, state forms, federal forms and transfer of firearm registration cards and so forth.

Returning a handgun because of an ill-conceived purchase is a pain in the @$$ if you get my meaning.  If you've found that you've bought the wrong handgun, chances are that you could probably sell it back to the place where you bought it, but you'd lose a lot of money in the process.  I wrote this e-book to help give people the tools they need to make a better decision in the first place.

Here are the chapter headings in this forty eight (48) page e-book:

  • Why Do You Want a Handgun?

  • Firearm Reliability Concerns

  • Choosing an Action

  • Caliber Selection

  • Choosing a Barrel Length

  • The Test Firing Phase

  • The Final Decision

  • Safe Gun Handling

  • Forty Seven Gun Safety Rules

  • Test Yourself

  • Final Messages

If you're fairly new to handguns and you want to avoid spending your hard-earned money on a bad decision, you should download and read this e-book.  I can save you a lot of headaches if you make the right handgun purchase first.

More info on the E-Book!  What will I find inside?

  • Find the direct link to the NRA to become an NRA Member (page 7)

  • How many rounds should a gun fire without any malfunctions? (page 10)

  • How do I choose between a revolver and a semi-automatic? (page 12)

  • What's the difference between single action and double action? (page 15)

  • What is the most common error people make when buying a new handgun? (page 17)

  • What does caliber mean and how is it measured? (page 17)

  • What is the most popular handgun cartridge? (page 18)

  • Can I really shoot .38 Special ammo from a .357 Magnum? (page 22)

  • What are the biggest handguns available? (page 23)

  • What does the term "Muzzle Flash" mean? (page 25)

  • How can I find an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor near me? (page 28)

  • Are firearm manufacturer warranties important? (page 30)

  • What are the three basic rules of safe gun handling anyway? (page 33)

  • Forty seven gun safety rules?  Are you serious?  Yes I am! (page 34-42)

A Bone Marrow Donation my story

I've also written an e-book on the bone marrow donation that I did back in April of 2005.  I saved the life of a woman with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia through the National Marrow Donor Program.  If you want to download and read this e-book, it's completely free of charge.

It's both in Microsoft Word format and Portable Document Format.  It's 31 pages in length with 14,204 words.

Bone Marrow Donation my story (.doc)

Bone Marrow Donation my story (.pdf)

How to download the e-books I have available

I have one e-book that is completely finished and ready for download.  The e-book is available in Microsoft Word (.doc) format and also in Portable Document Format (.pdf).  You'll need a .pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.  Click the Adobe Reader button below if you don't already have it.

You may ignore the mentions and requests of and for payment in the e-book.  I have not taken the time to edit those out and I've decided to offer the e-books without payment necessary.

How to Choose a Handgun (.doc)

How to Choose a Handgun (.pdf)


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