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At we mourn with the families of the deceased in the greater law enforcement community and urge that peace and common sense will prevail.  I also urge the media to stop throwing gasoline on this fire.

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Site Contents

All pages in this site are described and linked from here.

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I also have a Site Map page to help you find what you're looking for.


What you will find on


What you will NOT find on SAVETHEGUNS.COM

  • You will NOT find any form of hate speech, under any circumstances.

  • You will NOT find me selling anything illegal, or advocating the breaking of any law.

  • You will NOT find any information that mainstream America would consider extremist.

  • You will NOT find any links to Web sites that provide immoral, uncivil and/or unlawful information.

My Pages and their content


  • "NRA Membership" is a page where you can learn more about the National Rifle Association and join the NRA directly from this page.


  • "The Truth Is Everything" is a page where I try to stress the importance of the truth on the issue of firearms and gun control.  With so many lies and so much misinformation around, the truth is essential.


  • "Contributions" is a page where you can fill out a form telling me that you will be sending me a donation in the form of a check or through my Pay Page.  Only about one in every 20,000 visitors sends a contribution.  Can you be that one today.


  • "Safety Rules" is an in-depth view of gun safety rules and proper handling and storage procedures.  This is the most complete listing of gun safety tips, on the Internet.


  • "For Kids Only" is a page where kids can learn a little about history and firearms, and hopefully absorb an important safety message.  There is also a printable Gun Safety Pact that can be signed by both the parents and the child.  There is also a Kid's Test that your child can take.  I also answer Kid's Questions.  This could be the best gun safety page for children currently on the Internet!!!


  • "Kids Questions" is just what it sounds like.  It is a compilation of answered questions from children involving firearms and gun safety since we started in the year 2000.



  • "The Issues" is a page listing various issues surrounding firearms and of course, my opinion on each of them.  Find out where I stand on the issues.


  • "Save The Guns" is a page giving ideas on what you can do to stem the ugly and misguided tide of gun control measures.  When it comes to losing our rights to own the firearm of our choice, our worst enemy is our own apathy and complacency.  Get active today.  Here I try to inspire you to become an active contributor to the cause.

  • "Share The Solution" is a page where I offer the real solution to the ills of America.  On this page, is my opinion on how to fix America and important quotations from our Founding Fathers about religion and morality.


  • "Stop The Violence" is a page where we can discuss the issue of violence.  Violence has always been around.  According to the Bible, there was a murder is God's first family.


  • "For Activists Only" is a page where I make it as easy as possible to become an active participant in the struggle for saving our guns and the Second Amendment.  There are online forms just waiting for your zip code and your letters.



  • "State NRA Groups" is a page where you can find your National Rifle Association State Association Web sites and contact information.  Through these State Associations, you can keep in touch with local legislation, fund raisers and demonstrations.  Anti-gun groups openly admit that they will be focusing more on State level activism, we must meet them there.


  • "Government Links" is a great page making it easy to find what you need within the Federal Government and your own State Governments.  A great page to help you stay informed and active.

  • "Second Amendment" is a page concerning the Second Amendment  to the United States Constitution also known as The Right To Keep And Bear Arms.  What is the truth about this part of the Bill of Rights?


  • "Quotes" is a page of quotations that will open your eyes to the thoughts of some great people who were instrumental in the founding of America.  Also on this page are quotations from some modern era politicians and media outlets, so the reader can compare and contrast our forefather's thoughts with the mislead and misinformed leaders of today.  Very interesting stuff if I do say so myself.


  • "Glossary Of Terms" is a page of commonly used terms and their definitions.  Don't be confused by the misleading diatribes coming from the media.


  • "Test Yourself" is a page where you can take a challenging 25 question exam to test your knowledge on firearms and firearm safety.  Still only one perfect test.  And he wasn't even an American, he was from South Africa.


  • "Ask Marc" is a page of questions and answers.  Here you can ask me a question, ask for some advice or add to one of my answers.


  • "Self Defense" is a page containing important information about this most essential human right.  There are some self defense related links too.  There are plenty of self defense tips to help keep you a little safer.


  • "Buying A Gun" is a page where you can find some advice about a new gun purchase and links to many fine gun manufacturers to browse their product lines.


  • "Feedback" is a page where you can add links or just make a comment regarding this site.  Hundreds of people have sent me positive feedback.

  • "Disclaimer" is a page I have created to alleviate any legal liability for the information contained herein.


  • "Links" is a page of links to my favorite gun related sites and links to the National Archives in Washington D.C. where transcriptions and actual high-resolution images of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be viewed.  The links are now categorized to make them easier to find and browse.


  • "Privacy Statement" is a page where we post our notice in regards to your personal information and how we handle it.


  • "About Me" is a pretty self-explanatory page.  This is a page about me and how I got started.


  • "My E-Book" is an e-book I wrote that's almost fifty pages in length.  It's an e-book on the topic of choosing the right handgun for you.  It's downloadable in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats.  On the honor system, I'm asking for a $5.00 contribution for each copy downloaded.


  • "Open Letter" is an open letter specifically written for the Democrat Party of the United States of America.  Most anti-gun politicians are members of the Democrat Party.  This page is my letter of suggestions to encourage them to steer away from gun control as a party platform.


  • "Site Map" is an easy to use guide to help you find what you're looking for a bit easier on this website.


  • "Press-Media Kit" is a page for newspaper reporters and members of the media to find out more about, what I'm trying to do here and to interview me by e-mail for a story.  If members of the media would like me to speak on firearm related topics on radio talk shows, I'd be willing to do that as well.  Check it out, I'm very easy to talk to and get along with.


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